Bilge Pump Bracket, Yamaha Blaster-Single Pump


Yamaha Blaster Bilge Pump, Adjustable, Single Pump

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Brand new and a world’s first !  Our new Yamaha Blaster Bilge Pump brackets are the first ever adjustable bilge pump brackets!  PJS, known for being innovative and always looking for a better mouse trap, we’ve designed our new Yamaha Blaster Bilge Pump brackets to be adjustable for situations where that little bit of adjustment can make a difference in providing complete water evacuation. An ideal solution for aftermarket hulls with slightly different hull depths and configurations these brackets allow you to adjust the lower bracket for a perfect installation.  What’s more is we offer a single and a dual pump version of the Yamaha Blaster Bilge Pump bracket so you can add a second pump later by replacing only the lower single pump bracket with the lower dual bracket without all of the nut and bolt work involved in replacing the entire bracket.

All of the hardware is 18-8 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance, the brackets are manufactured using 5052 aircraft grade aluminum sheet and precision fabricated to precise tolerances.  The unique design has high quality all stainless “pem” nuts that are pressed into the upper bracket so there are no loose nuts to hold for installation, all you need is an allen wrench !  The slots in the lower brackets allow for plenty of adjustment for virtually any circumstance.  These all new Yamaha Blaster Bilge Pump brackets are anodized in a bright blue to give your ski a custom and professional look and protect the bracket from corrosion and we proudly laser engrave our name on them so you’re friends (and foes) will know you’ve bought the best !

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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