PJS Billet Finger Throttle (Polished)


Billet constructed throttle features nylon cable roller, nylon bushing and thrust washers, 3 cable throw positions, 6mm stainless steel bolts.

When we set out to make our billet finger throttle levers, we had only one goal in mind, to make it stronger, better, more comfortable, and to design in every possible engineering feature we possibly could.  The result is the number one selling billet finger throttles in the world, bar none.  These thoughtfully designed levers are more ergonomically comfortable than any other lever on the market and have been since we introduced them over a decade ago.  They’ve been copied but not one competing lever offers the comfort, design features, and reliability of the PJS billet throttle lever.  These features include a nylon cable roller to provide smooth action, nylon bushings and thrust washers, 3 cable throw positions, and 6mm stainless steel bolts instead of the 4 and 5mm ones our competitors use which often break due to corrosion.  Simply stated, you cannot buy a better throttle lever, period.

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

S, M, L


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