Charging Flywheel, Yamaha 701 Raider Style, 62T Cases


Our flagship products, the Jetinetics/PJS charging billet flywheels are hands down the highest quality flywheels ever built. Made from the highest quality billet aluminum, heat treated steel, hardened ring gear materials, and craftsmanship worthy of a NASA spacecraft.  We created these flywheels over 25 years ago, patented them, and spend every waking moment figuring out ways to make them even better.  These are without question the greatest performance add-on you can buy. Acceleration, throttle response, and even reliability are all dramatically improved.

The Yamaha model employs the use of a precision engineered heat treated steel hub that completely eliminates the possibility of cracked or broken aluminum hubs common with other billet flywheels. We pioneered this feature and integrated them seamlessly into our Yamaha billet flywheels and the resulting combination is as bulletproof as the Presidential Limousine. These are the most reliable, best designed flywheels in the industry, and they work like nothing you’ve ever seen!  Just bolt one on your water rocket and light the fuse !

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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