TFS Filter System, 44 Keihin, Standard Kit


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We are very excited and proud to re-introduce the TFS Flame Arrestor systems to the PWC marketplace. When we introduced these back in the early 1990’s they were greeted with accolades and skepticism. The concept is simple but the effectiveness is overwhelming. They are extremely effective at altering the air velocity entering the carburetor by reducing the size at the top of the carb when the center cone is lowered slightly below the top of the carb. This reduction can be “adjusted” by raising or lowering the adjustable or tunable cone. This increases or decreases the air velocity entering the carb by simple physics. The air column must move faster through a smaller hole than it will moving through a larger one!

The effect is very dramatic for a number of reasons:

1. The higher the velocity, the greater the signal to the fuel circuitry so the carb reacts more quickly to throttle movements.
2. At low throttle openings the air moves faster which improves low end throttle response.
3. Overall throttle response is improved because air movement is adjusted or tuned to engine demand the same way fuel is adjusted with jets and needles.
4. Careful adjustments and testing by using longer or shorter cones can maximize air velocity without affecting top end for a perfect balance of air flow and velocity.

These results are real, dyno testing and water radar tests proved the concept works. We think you’re smarter and better equipped now and that you’ll see that this is not a gimick, rather a very useful tool in your arsenal of advanced racing weaponry. Bolt these on and experience what real engineering can do, these are extremely well built, highly effective, and come at a fair price for high quality parts. The filter elements are replaceable, and all components are anodized billet aluminum and stainless steel, nothing cheap here, we don’t work that way.

The TFS is SAE J1928 tested and certified approved for use on all PWC.

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in


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