Throttle Shaft, “Ext”, 38 Mikuni RB Only


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Our all stainless steel replacement throttle shafts are a signature product we pioneered almost 30 years ago. The factory shafts are often made from a soft brass material which fatigues and fractures over time. Our precision shafts are made from billet stainless steel bar stock and machined to exact tolerances for a perfect fit every time.  These replace the factory shafts with no modifications required.  This is the extended front shaft that joins at the center flexible coupling.

The gallery photos show the complete kit with both shafts and the coupling to see how the kit works with all 3 pcs.

If you’re racing then you need reliability, why risk anything when you can avoid disaster by using these bullet proof throttle replacement shafts. These are the best that money can buy.

*** Note that this part number fits 38 mm Round Body Mikuni Carbs Only !  Please use caution when ordering.


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